High-Precision Earthing and Low-Resistance Measuring Instrument with/without GPS (new)


The GEOHM PRO / XTRA is capable of much more than just easy and reliable implementation of the most common methods of earth measurement. The measuring method for testing lightning protection systems under highly realistic conditions based on various types of the pulse measuring method is noteworthy in this respect.

Thanks to extensive measuring accessories, earth measurements and resistance measurements can be easily implemented in any environment at any earthing or lightning protection system without disconnecting the earth electrode. Furthermore, a professional earthing analysis can be conducted on the basis of measured interference voltages and interference frequencies.

The GEOHM XTRA is additionally equipped with an integrated GPS module for saving the positions of devices under test.




Measurements with various measuring methods:

  • Earthing resistance by means of the 3/4-wire measuring method
  • Selective earth resistance by means of the 3-wire measuring method with current clamp
    Advantage: no influence on parallel earth electrodes!
  • Earth loop resistance with 2 current clamps
    Applications: for example where the use of auxiliary electrodes is not possible
    Advantage: no need to disconnect the earthing system!
  • Soil resistivity in Ωm according to the Wenner method
    – For the preparation of soil assessments
  • Leakage current / current by means of current clamp or flexible current sensor
  • Low-resistance measurement with ≥ 200 mA per EN 61557-4 / VDE 0413-4
  • Integrated GPS module for saving the positions of devices under test (with GEOHM XTRA)
    Advantage: measured values are saved together with GPS coordinates


  • RS and RH resistance measurements via auxiliary electrodes
  • Measurement of interference voltages and interference frequencies
  • Measurement even where interference voltages occur in systems with 16.7, 50 and 60 Hz, as well as 400 Hz (with automatic and manual selection of the right measurement signal frequency)
  • Measuring voltage selection: 25 or 50 V
  • Entry of distances between the electrodes in meters (m) and feet (ft) for measurement of soil resistivity
  • Memory for 990 measured values (10 folders with 99 units each)
  • RTC real-time clock
  • Data transmission to the PC (USB)
  • Symbolic display of battery voltage

No. in Metrological Registriy of Russian Federation: 72571-18


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